Emperors of Coca Cola




The story that needed to be told

One day about 8 years ago I was flipping through a magazine in a supermarket. In the magazine was some more propaganda by the Coca-Cola system about how the firm had just run such and such a promotion directed to children. What bothered me was that the man running the PR for the Coca-Cola company in the region was someone who seldom said or wrote anything truthful. The boss he reported to in London was also someone who had obviously learned his ethics by reading of the intrigues and combinations of the Sublime Port in the 19th Century. It was then I said ''enough is enough'' , I will start researching this company and finding out why '' fear '' and ''subterfuge'' seem to be pillars in this company. You might say this is true of all capitalist companies and multinationals. Fair statement. But the Coca-Cola system sets itself up as whiter than white. Well this company more or less invented the vision of the '' Santa Claus'' we have in the western world , of the linking of '' the American Way'' with the '' Coca-Cola Way''. Of inter racial harmony - '' I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony'' was a Coke TV ad in the 1960's when Coke was ''whiter than white'' but for the wrong reasons.

Emperors of Coca Cola

The more I researched the more I came to the conclusion that the Emperors of Coca-Cola had set the scene. They had developed a Papal like infallibility and their underlings would always agree with what the Emperor wanted for new clothes. '' Fear '' had come down from the top. But is '' fear '' the American way? I think not always. Yes, the American Empire, like all Empires has been insensitive. But the best of '' America''- Lend Lease, The Marshall Plan, The Green Revolution, an Independent Judiciary, the separation of Church and State are sullied when linked to any Multinational.

I unearthed some very interesting original correspondence thanks to the assistance of Harvard University which showed the Coca-Cola system at its most brutal. I was able to reflect on discussions I had with disillusioned former Coke system employees in countries where no labour unions were allowed. I was able to establish a link in the selling of product to Iran and Libya when both countries had trade embargoes on them from the USA State Department.

It was a worthwhile Journey.... 'Journey' is a word often used in the Coca-Cola system. It is a book which needed to be written.

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